Admission Requirement

Admission Requirement

What are required of every prospective student


Certificate's Program:
High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 1 year of field/life experience.*

Associate's Programs:
High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 1 year of field/life experience.*

Bachelor's Level Degree Programs:
High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 2 years of field/life experience.*

Master's Level Degree Programs:
Bachelor's Degree plus 3 years of field/life experience.*

Doctorate Level Degree Programs:
Master's Degree plus 5 years of field/life experience.*

Post-Doctorate Level Degree Programs:
Doctoral Degree plus 5 years of field/life experience.*

*Field/Life experience requirements must be in the designated degree program major or a closely related field

@HighStone Global University Student Profile
Age Degree Minimum Requirements Average Applicants Background
The average age of the @HighStone Global University student body is 33 years old. Certificate H.S. Dip'l + 1 yrs. F/E 24 Credit Hours + 1 yr. F/E
Associate H.S. Dip'l + 1 yrs. F/E 24 Credit Hours + 1 yr. F/E
Bachelors H.S. Dip'l + 2 yrs. F/E 60 Credit Hours of College + 6 yrs. F/E
  Masters Bachelor's + 3 yrs. F//E Bachelor's + 9 yrs. F/E
  Doctorate Master's + 5 yrs. F/E Master's + 14 yrs. F/E
  Post Doctorate Doctorate + 5 yrs. F/E Doctorate + 16 yrs. F/E
Note: F/E = Field Experience in the Field or a Closely Related Field, to the Degree Sought.

The programs offered at @HighStone Global University allow for limited Academic or Life-experience. Academic or Life-experience credit is knowledge gained outside of the classroom through work or other professional endeavors. The policy for accepting such credit is limited to one third of the credit requirement for the program and documentation must be provided to confirm such experience.

Admission Procedures
Complete the student application form by clicking on the Enrol now On-Line link on this web site.
Submit curriculum vitae (resume) via the online application form or by email to: info@highstoneglobaluniversity.com
Contact the Office of Admissions at: +1-646-409-4299. To confirm the receipt of your documents

Upon acceptance of student's application by the Academic Committee, the Admission's Office will contact the applicant with the results of the student evaluation and the basis of acceptance. Notification of acceptance and student affirmation of the acceptance allow student enrollment to the university. Enrollment fees are due upon enrollment. Atlantic International University is an equal opportunity institution. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, age, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Become a Student
It's not difficult to become an @HighStone Global University student. Simply follow the steps below, or call an Admissions Counselor at +1-646-409-4299 to walk you through the process.

1: Review @HighStone Global University's degree programs to determine which specialization will further your career goals?

2: Review the tuition and fees associated with the courses or degree program you're considering, as well as payment options.

3: Check the Admission Requirements to determine whether or not you are eligible to be admitted to an @HighStone Global University degree program.

4: Complete the online application (link to Enrol now Online) form by clicking on the Enrol now link on this web site. Paste your resume in the space provided or fax to: +1-646-409-4299.

There are many questions students should ask before deciding to enroll in @HighStone Global University's distance learning program(s). Prospective online students need to determine their level of readiness for independent study before deciding to enroll. Will you become a successful online student? Find Out Here